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Kristen Stewart's relationship with Rob Pattinson is on the rocks following her affair with director Rupert Sanders, but KStew's close friend, Welcome to the Rileys producer Giovanni Agnelli, tells us that he "hopes" she'll get back together with the Twilight actor!

This is significant, given the director's close ties with Kristen. The two have been very close ever since they worked together on the Rileys in 2010. Recent reports claim Kristen has been shacking up with her pal since the cheating scandal broke, though X17 hasn't seen Stewart at Agnelli's home.

While out partying at Bootsy Bellows, Kristen's pal was asked if the couple will reconcile. He responded, "Yes! I hope they do!"

A source close to the Twilight stars tells In Touch that Rob's "been drunk dialing Kristen."

The source adds that "he's been drinking like crazy" to numb his pain. However, one of Rob's pals tells In Touch, "His friends are working hard to make sure that he doesn’t go back to her."

Rob will breaking his silence on Monday, August 13, with an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, promoting his upcoming film Comopolis. Two days later, he'll be sitting down with ABC's Good Morning America. Will Rob talk about Kristen? Or stick to chatting only about his film?