Britney Spears' former manager, Sam Lutfi, is calling the pop star to testify in the upcoming hearing for his 2009 defamation lawsuit against Brit and her parents.

Papers filed by Lutfi ask that the judge require Britney's conservators to make her available to testify in court with her role as a judge on the upcoming season of X Factor as proof that she's capable to do so.

In 2009, Lutfi claimed breach of contract and defamation against Spears and her parents Jamie and Lynne and the case is set to be tried in court this month. He claims Britney breached a contract that would give Lutfi a portion of the star's fortune AND that her parents made defamatory statements, alleging Lutfi drugged Britney and cut off her phone service to isolate her from her family.

Spears' conservators have claimed she's not mentally competent to testify, but her $15 million contract to appear on Simon Cowell's talent show doesn't help their argument. Lutfi even submitted a DVD of the X Factor teasers as evidence the star is fit to speak on her own behalf.

A hearing is scheduled for September 25 and a judge has yet to rule on the request.