Kelsey Grammer appeared on Conan the other night, and he attempted to set the record straight about a few things. First, he wanted to make it clear that he didn’t have sex with his new wife, Kayte Walsh, on the first night that they met and second, that it had been quite some time since he'd seen any sort of action.

Kelsey told host Conan O’Brien of his first date with Kayte, “We kissed that night ... We didn’t do anything much more than kiss for several months ... I just wanted to clear that up. She was worth the wait.” Conan quipped, “I would think that would be difficult,” to which Grammer replied, “Well, for a guy that hadn’t had sex for a decade it wasn’t that hard!

So what does Kelsey's ex-wife and Real Housewives star Camille have to say? “He lied on Conan,” she tweeted. “He really needs to move on.”