brownprobation230.jpg Why can't he seem to stay out of trouble?!

Chris Brown tested positive for marijuana during a random drug test in a Virginia court on June 18, prompting a probation violation hearing.

The pop singer had been fulfilling his community service requirements stemming from his 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and it is customary to randomly drug test in the state. Brown's case was sent back to California, where he appeared in front of a judge Monday to face the music.

"You apparently did have a drug test, and that drug test came out positive for marijuana," judge Patricia Schnegg said during the court date.

The notorious bad boy told Virginia officials that he ingested the weed legally due to the fact he has a medical marijuana license, which he was prescribed by acupuncturist Ketino Karakalidi.

"I'm not going to order a subsequent drug test, but this is my advice to you: You are not an average person. You're not only in the public eye but you're on probation... I'm going to caution you. You should be very mindful of obeying all laws and rules," the judge added.

Brown is due back in court Nov. 1 to set a date for a probation violation hearing. According to lawyer Mark Geragos, his client has completed all his community service and stayed out of trouble.

Breezy better pray the judge sees things from his perspective!