drew-haute-460.jpgHaute Living/David Khinda

Drew Barrymore isn't due for another month or so, but the 37-year-old actress is quite eager to start a family with hubby Will Kopelman!

"I can't wait until I have my children," the pregnant star tells the new issue of Haute Living. "I love the idea that they don't have to do something that they have no interest in, that they can do something completely opposite if they want to. I will be so surprised if they don't want to do something involving food or wine or art, but I'll be OK with it. I just want to build fun, great things for my family."

Barrymore continues, "I want to do it all. I love film, but I also love wine, food and traveling. I would love to be a travel writer. I'd be so stoked." The starlet launched her own Pinot Grigio in 2011, and she even won a gold medal for her wine at the Le Challenge International du Vin in France. "I love wine ... I think it's nice to do what you really love in life, occupationally and recreationally," she says. "Right now, I'm getting to do the things I love and I'm so, so happy about it." BTW, we're guessing/hoping the above shot of her with the wine glass is either archive or staged...

Barrymore and Kopelman wed on June 2 at her Montecito estate and this will be their first child.