Gabriel Aubry Nahlah Movie Dad Daughter El Capitan Looks like the ideal day with daddy!

Gabriel Aubry took his adorable daughter Nahla to catch a movie at the El Capitan in Hollywood over the weekend, and it seems the Canadian model is cherishing every second he gets with his little girl!

The adorable duo strolled hand-in-hand to the theater, and it's clear the 4-year-old enjoys a close relationship with her father. Let's hope gorgeous Gabe and his ex Halle Berry can settle their bitter custody battle soon so that their little princess isn't caught in the middle of the nasty feud!

The Oscar winning actress is fighting to move to France with their daughter, arguing that the protection against paparazzi is stricter in her fiance Olivier Martinez's native country. Aubry, based in Los Angeles, is fighting the move and wants Nahla to attend school in California so that he can enjoy regular visitation.

Work it out for Nahla's sake, you two!