Hilary Duff blonde sunglasses baby weight chubby weight loss gym west hollywood tights spandex red leather Does she ever take a day off the gym?

Hilary Duff strolled through West Hollywood on her way to a workout yesterday, and the Lizzie Maguire star opted to wear a red leather jacket with her fitness gear. Considering temperatures are soaring in California, you would think the 24-year-old would ditch the winter wear!

When the blonde beauty isn't sweating off the pounds these days, apparently she's bonding with none other than Lindsay Lohan! The former frenemies have reportedly buried the hatchet, and are now texting nonstop! The redheaded rehabber allegedly thinks the Disney star is the kind of stable, responsible friend she needs in her life.

"[Lindsay] feels like Hilary could be a good influence - she has a healthy marriage, just had a baby and doesn't care about clubbing. Hilary has already put the word out to her husband, Mike, to think about potential setups for Lindsay," a source divulged.

Poor Mr. Comrie! Finding a suitor for Lilo doesn't sound like an easy task!