We get wanting to take sexy pics for your man, by why did Jennifer Hudson feel the need to share them with the world?

The Weight Watchers spokewoman Tweeted the above photos of herself wearing black hotpants and a black bra. Turns out JHud posted these pics after her WWE Fiance, David Otunga, posted the following Tweet:

"Want to win @DavidOtunga autographed coffee mug? Send me your best pic & include #OtungaPose"

Looks like Ms. Hudson wanted to be entered into the competition. The songstress wrote the following on her Twitter account: "@DavidOtunga I didn't have any baby oil, so I used coco butter! Am I giving u, u? Did I win?"

Talk about bold! You go, girl.

Click thru to see Otunga's ripped bod. Pretty impressive.