Jessica Biel baby blue jeans LAX sunglasses

The soon-to-be Mrs. Timberlake looks stunning even after a flight yesterday when she touched down at LAX. The actress wore baby-blue jeans, a lace-detailed blouse and grey cardigan and ballet flats for the plane trip ... and she looked anything but plain!

The actress returned from Puerto Rico where she visited fiance Justin Timberlake on the set of his upcoming movie "Runner, Runner.

But Jess isn't letting her own career slide while she attends to her boyfriend ... she's got her own movie, The Tall Man, which just hit theaters. It starts out as a thriller and evolves into a sociological horror film. While critics haven't been too kind to the film, they're overwhelmingly in support of Biel's acting in the movie. The LA Times' Mark Olsen, for example, says that while Biel hasn't quite found her niche, she "tones down her striking beauty and athletic curves to believably play a desperate mother with disheveled hair and minimal makeup." He goes on to describe the film with less favorable words: "But the story sends her hurtling through a world gone weird, where conspiracies pile on top of one another until the narrative spins out of control."

Check out the trailer: