michaels230wrap.jpg The Biggest Loser is set to return in January, and after taking a brief hiatus to expand her family, Jillian Michaels will reprise her role as one of the tough trainers on the upcoming season.

The show is following a slightly different format this time around, marking the first time youths between the ages of 13 and 17 will participate as contestants on the series. Waging a war against the national increase in childhood obesity, the teens will join teams to compete in the fitness challenge. The youngsters will not be subject to elimination or weekly weigh-ins, however, as producers are being "incredibly sensitive" to safeguarding them.

"It's brave, it's bold and I'm sure it's going to be controversial, and we'll do the best we can to handle it in the most positive and effective way possible. It's about getting them on the softball team, not into a size four," Michaels explained.

The goal will be for the kids to focus on their health, not necessarily their weight. Each team will include at least one youngster. In addition to Michaels, trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince will be returning.

Michaels adopted daughter Lukensia earlier this year, and welcomed an infant son with partner Heidi Rhoades mere weeks later. So will motherhood change her tough approach to fitness?

"I am a different person, motherhood changes your DNA. However, being a mom and doing this job are very different aspects of my life and personality. I'm not going to make any promises," she confesses.

We can't wait to tune in and watch the new cast get healthy with the help of Miss Michaels!