Salma Hayek john travolta oliver stone rome italy He's had a rough couple months, but it appears John Travolta didn't let his sex scandal bring him down!

The A-list actor and the rest of the cast of The Savages took care of their promotional duties in Rome today, and we have to give it to the Grease actor for putting on a smile for the cameras. The 58-year-old looks amazing for his age, but we have to ask - what is with his hair? We all know you're bald, Johnny, so just rock it!

The famous Scientologist was just honored with a lifetime achievement award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, and the action star opened up about his outlook on the future and his contentment with his personal life.

"I don't believe in regrets. I believe your future's in your tomorrows, but I do believe you learn from the past. It's been a good life. It's been filled with ups and downs, and fascinating adventures. As long as it's the right wife and the right family, I think it's marvelous. I have the right one, and I'm very happy for it. I know we're kind of dinosaurs in Hollywood, being together so long. But it works," he said.

Maybe all those masseurs were lying? He sounds like a happily married man!