PrinceKateWillCalifornia230.jpgPrince William and Kate Middleton were victorious over French magazine Closer, the publication that printed photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless.

In court this morning, a judge ruled that the magazine cannot continue to print or sell the "highly intimate" photos. The ruling also stated that the topless pics must be removed from the website, the photos cannot be published in any other magazine or newspapers in France, cannot be sold anywhere in the world and the photos must be handed over to the Palace by tomorrow.

A lawyer for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said the following regarding Middleton: "She's a young woman, not an object."

If Closer publishes any of the photos again, it faces fines of $13,000 for every day they’re available, and a fine of $130,000 if it sells them, according to Sky News.

Despite the threat of legal action, Italian gossip magazine Chi published a 26-page spread featuring a topless Kate Middleton.

Chi's editor Alfonso Signorini told The Associated Press that the photos were already in the public domain after Closer published them, and for that reason, he doesn't fear legal action.