We don't know what's worse -- Kim Kardashian in an unflattering one-piece swimsuit or her sister Kourtney's multi-colored paper bag shorts!

The starlets were followed by a crew of reality TV cameras in Miami today, so we're curious to see how this fits in to their show. Maybe Kim goes on a magazine shoot and turns to Kourtney for moral support when she realizes just how much of her camel toe is showing? And then Scott Disick calls in and cracks a joke about how it should be called Kim-el toe? You never know...


In other Kim news, it appears as though she discovered the Katy Perry: Part of Me biopic last night, as she tweeted, "Can't sleep. Up watching this Katy Perry movie. OMG this movie made me fall in love with her even more! Such a good movie!" When she woke up this morning Kim added, "Getting ready and watching the Katy Perry movie again with the girls & crew! I'm making them watch! We are all in tears! Awww love her!" Like, OMG!