lana-screenplay-230.jpgDespite the fact that she released her first album 9 months ago, Lana Del Rey has revealed in a new interview with Australian Vogue that she wants to break out in the film industry.

"When I was starting, I had a vision of being a writer for film and that's what I am doing now. I'm so happy," Lana told the mag. "Hopefully I will branch into film work and stay there. That will be my happy place. I'd like to stay in one place for a long time."

Del Rey also revealed that she often feels uncomfortable when onstage. "I love to take care of the songs – that's my natural place – then, when I get on stage that's not my element. Sometimes I kneel down because I am trembling or touch the audience because I don’t know what else to do." Well that would explain a lot!

Wonder what her first screenplay will be about?