Lindsay Lohan was on her way to rehab even before today's early morning hit-and-run incident, a source tells X17online exclusively.

The actress, 26, and her "assistant," Gavin Doyle, have been tearing up the town in New York and club kids on the scene are even calling the pair Bonnie and Clyde, our source says.

    "They've been out every night and rumors are flying everywhere that they're going to check in to rehab together," we're told.

Our source goes on to say that Lindsay and Gavin were planning on checking in sometime within the next week. Perhaps this latest incident will cause them to move up their timeline?

Reports now claim Lindsay's breath smelled like alcohol at the scene of this 2:30am incident, though police did not give the actress a Breathalyzer test.

    Lindsay's dad Michael tells us: "I'm happy she is now away from 'other people' and NOT drinking."

Linds has already been to rehab a whopping FIVE times and she's fresh off probation for her theft charge. A judge warned Lohan to act in a "mature" manner or she'd find herself in trouble again ...

So what gives? Her dad says she's not drinking and police didn't even test her blood alcohol level even though she allegedly hit a guy with her car at 2:30 in the morning and fled the scene?

Bonnie and Clyde, anyone?!