sunglasses Nichole Richie hair spandex gym

Nicole Richie left the gym over the weekend, and the 30-year-old starlet wasn't exactly glammed up, but we think she still looked decent!

I get ready in 20 minutes, and sometimes it looks like I got ready in 20 minutes, she recently told People, adding that sometimes her kids are the first to point out an ugly or awkward outfit. I was wearing these polka-dot harem pants the other day and my daughter said to me, Mom, why are you wearing your pajamas out? I was like, oh boy, already getting an opinion.

In other news, Nicole's Macys clothing collection hits shelves this Wednesday, she just released her first fragrance and she'll be back on Fashion Star with Jessica Simpson in the spring. She's certainly come a long way since being busted for driving on the wrong side of the freeway!