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Russell Brand was snapped en route to yoga on Wednesday, and yet again the 37-year-old British comedian went completely barefoot. While we would ask what rumored ladylove Geri Halliwell thinks about his dirty feet, it seems like the duo have already parted ways!

Russell has reportedly been bragging about getting it on with a new conquest, and a source tells Now Magazine that Geri "is quite upset."

“She feels she's made a complete fool of herself again and she's still making the same old mistakes," the source added. "She was so excited when Russell was all over her and quickly got carried away trying to make all these future plans with him ... He just saw it as a bit of fun, a fling, and thought it was hilarious that she made it out to be something more serious. It's totally humiliating for Geri. He's made her look stupid.” Ouch!