Sarah Jessica Parker denim sunglasses nyc skinny This isn't quite the outfit we'd expect Carrie Bradshaw to step out of the house wearing!

Sarah Jessica Parker left her New York City townhouse, which she recently put on the market, for a stroll around the Big Apple on Sunday, and the Sex and the City actress accentuated her tiny frame in a pair of dark denim skinnies and a baggy t-shirt. Matthew Broderick's wifey has always been skinny, but she usually chooses clothes that are more flattering than this ensemble. Maybe it was laundry day?

Rush Limbaugh recently took a shot at the fashionista's weight while criticizing the Obama campaign supporter. "Sarah, eating something will you? No, she looks like she needs to eat. It's bones. It's bones. I keep thinking that knee is gonna pop through the skin," the political commentator sniped.

We bet Miss Parker has some fighting words regarding Mr. Limbaugh's portly physique, but since she's such a class act we doubt she will retaliate!