Selena Gomez sunglasses jumper sweatpants purse airport lax justin bieber

Finally, a celeb who doesn't feel the need to wear 5 inch pumps and a $5,000 outfit at LAX! Then again, her giant Louis Vuitton bag cost over $2,000...

Selena Gomez arrived back home in Los Angeles last night, and she looked a bit tired after flying in from Venice, where she was promoting her upcoming film Spring Breakers. Hopefully she'll get a few days of rest before returning to the LA set of her next movie, Feed the Dog!

Before taking off, the 20-year-old starlet tweeted, "I'm so sorry to the fans I didn't get stop for.. We were being rushed. Hope I catch you next time :(" Seeing as boyfriend Justin Bieber is doing a world tour for the next six months (it kicks off in less than three weeks and runs through late April), we're guessing Selena will be back overseas in no time. C'mon, do you really expect her to stay home while he's doing 85 shows across the globe?