Steven Tyler  tank hat sunglasses jeans aerosmith This outfit is all types of wrong!

Steven Tyler went for a stroll through Beverly Hills yesterday, and the Aerosmith front man looked like a walking fashion fail! From the embroidered mom jeans to the Tiva sandals, this aging rocker got it all wrong! On top of it all, why is the former American Idol judge wearing a tank top that shows off side boob?!

The 64-year-old musician just performed with his band at the I Heart Radio music festival in Las Vegas, where he and his band mates dished to reporters about their upcoming album, which will debut this November.

"We put our ideas together where it was like, 'What if we write this song, a song for what they're going to listen to in the shuttle in 20 years from now going to Mars? What kind of song would they want to hear?" he revealed of their inspiration for their first record in eight years.

Let's hope if we run into Steven Tyler on Mars in the future he won't be wearing an ensemble like this!