Vanessa Hudgens Studio City pilates

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted leaving her Pilates class in Studio City over the weekend, and the 23-year-old Disney darling flashed us a quick smile before hopping in her Audi and driving home.

While she'll be busy promoting Spring Breakers and The Frozen Ground later this year and early next year, she doesn't have any projects currently lined up and she recently blogged about some vacations she'd like to take.

"I love to travel," Nessa wrote on her official blog. "Number 1. on my places to visit is Morocco ... Number 2 on my list of places I want to visit [is Thailand]. Beaches, mountains and yummy food. Number 3 place I want to visit is… Bora Bora! Can you believe a place this beautiful actually exists? Number 4 place I want to visit! A safari is definitely on my bucket list…"

We say they're all great choices ... wonder if she'll be bringing beau Austin Butler along for the ride when she books these trips?