harrynohighlight230.jpg First came the naked photos, and now comes the details!

British-born Carrie Reichert was one of nine girls hand selected to party with Prince Harry and his entourage during the now infamous Vegas trip, and the 32-year-old is revealing new details about her wild - naked! - night with Princess Diana's son.

"We kissed, he was naked at the time, and pretty open. It was a drunken fumble. It wasn't romantic, just fun," she divulged.

"He was a gentleman, but he was so wasted. The alcohol affected him. I was there for 15 to 20 minutes," she added.

The San Diego-based beautician went on to describe the escapades going on in the VIP suite. "Harry was already undressed. It was just crazy. He looked actually delirious. There was a pool table and he was playing air guitar with pool sticks. He was screaming out, 'Somebody get me a glove! I'm going to do a Michael Jackson impression!" Reichert revealed.

Although the blonde beauty confesses that both girls and guys were in various states of undress and intoxicated, she denies that there was any type of orgy going on, and insists that it was mostly cheeky, innocent fun.

"There was billiards being played. Harry was being randomly funny, going from the billiards to the bedroom. He wasn't the only one naked. There were girls naked. The guys were half dressed. It was not like an orgy going on, it was just sexy naked. It was almost like a game. He was trying to get everybody to get naked. That was the whole point of him being naked," she insisted.

So was the Prince a gentleman?

"He told me I was beautiful and gorgeous, which was sweet. Then we kind of nonchalantly returned to the party and kept drinking," she dished.

The hits just keep on coming for Prince William's bad boy brother! We wonder what the Queen has to say about all this?