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Ashlee Simpson was spotted meeting up with a friend for lunch today in Studio City, wearing her favorite Anine Bing jeans, and while the singer/actress has always been on the slimmer side, it looks like she's lost even more weight over the last few weeks.

We're not sure what's eating away at her, but rumor has it she's barely on speaking terms with her big sister Jessica! According to a source for OK! Magazine, Jess turned to Ashlee for support this summer when she was trying to lose her baby weight, but when Ashlee "showed very little sympathy for her, Jess lost it." The source added that Ashlee believes Jessica “only has herself to blame” for her weight troubles. Ouch!

“She was devastated and hit back, saying Ashlee is jealous of the attention she gets. It turned into a massive fight," the insider added. “Ashlee used to feel like they were friends. They would party together, but ever since Jess decided to have a baby, she’s way more straight-laced. It’s alienated Ashlee.” Hmm, think any of this is true?