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mc donald fast food mc donald fast food

Ben Affleck took daughters Violet and Seraphina to McDonald's on Saturday, and after that the trio were spotted buying some books at Barnes and Noble. We're not sure if it was the happy meals or what, but the girls were quite excited after their errands -- we caught Violet giving Sera a bear hug and then picking her up for a few seconds. Such a sweet big sis!

Later in the day the Argo star accidentally hit a parked car, but being the upstanding gentleman that he is, he wrote an apology note and left it on the vehicle's windshield. “Hi, Knocked off your mirror! Very sorry! Will cover everything – Ben,” he wrote.

He may not always cheese it up for the cameras, but it looks like his daughters' antics made him crack a smile:

Ben Affleck daughters Violet Seraphina