spearsemotional460.jpg Brit Brit sure is emotional!

During X-Factor boot camp for the second round of competition, Britney Spears couldn't help but shed a tear for the contestants. Groups of hopefuls were put to the test, pinned against each other during performances to see who could handle the pressure.

"To be fair, they both got to chose the same song, and they both decide themselves which part of the song to sing. So it's entirely in their hands," Cowell explained.

The eliminations were harder than the judges anticipated, too!

After multiple singers broke down in tears, the "Me Against The Music" star exclaimed, "You can tell that the pressure is really getting to them," adding, "I don't like it that she's crying. It makes me want to cry... I don't want to cry." LA Reid's response? "You already are," he quipped.

The Grammy winner took to her Twitter account to explain her true feelings to her fans. "I couldn't help getting emotional. It's so hard to watch them crack under pressure when I know they want it so badly," she wrote.

It's not easy finding America's next great superstar Queen B!