Camille Grammer lunched with several lady friends at The Ivy on Tuesday, and before hopping in her Range Rover and taking off, the 44-year-old Real Housewives star was kind enough to pose for a few pictures.

After ex-huband Kelsey Grammer publicly bashed her (among the insults, he alleged that the former couple didn't have sex for a DECADE), Camille took the high road and released the following statement: "Kelsey and I shared a life together and have two beautiful children together, and I just wish he would stop the constant barrage of negativity towards me as it's bad for our children and our respective families."

So what are her thoughts about Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga getting sick at their recent concerts? Camille tweeted, "Gross! Hurling on stage is becoming a new trend.. I hope not!"

It's not like it's their fault ... I guess she really does have an opinion about everything!