dwts hat sunglasses shirtless muscles buff dancing with the stars red pants dog

Derek Hough and his adorable pooch went for a jog this morning, but rather than wearing gym shorts and a tee, the Dancing With The Stars hottie rocked a pair of fitted red pants and showed off his toned abs!

While this may not be the most practical exercise outfit, there's no denying that Derek looks pretty sexy in it. Julianne's big brother been dancing nonstop for the new season of DWTS, and he posted a blog earlier today detailing how he tailors his diet to help give him the most energy onstage.

"I’m all about creating healthy eating habits that include foods rich in antioxidants and protein," he writes. So what does he put in his mouth for his first meal of the day? Sausage and protein shakes, along with fruit and the occasional stack of pancakes. Yum!