bieber-ok-puking.jpgJustin Bieber wants his fans to know that he's recovering after losing his lunch onstage in Arizona on Saturday evening.

The 18-year-old pop superstar became ill in the middle of his show at the Arena, leaving the stage twice but eventually finishing his 21-song set. "It's hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people," he told the crowd after leaving the stage during "Beauty and a Beat," according to USA Today. "Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage? Okay, I wanted to give you my best show ever, so do you mind if I finish it?"

After getting some rest ahead of his performance in Las Vegas on Sunday night, the Biebs tweeted, "Great show. Getting better for tomorrow's show !!!! Love u."

So what exactly caused Selena Gomez's beau to get sick? He tweeted, "And ... Milk was a bad choice. Lol." Not sure if he's dropping Ron Burgundy quotes on us or if he has a problem with lactose, but we're glad he has a good sense of humor about it!