Just because he couldn't make it to the show doesn't mean he can't put one on from afar!

Justin Bieber pre-recorded an acoustic performance of his hit song "As Long As You Love Me" for the 2012 BBC Radion 1's Teen Choice Awards over the weekend, and the 18-year-old pop star proved his vocal talent without any background tracks to make him sound better. Bravo Biebs!

We can just picture the Canadian sensation singing like this to lady love Selena Gomez behind closed doors!

Everyone better get ready for JB's next single off his Believe album, because apparently it's a sure fire hit! Nicki Minaj collaborated on the tune, and promises it is the best jam yet! "OMFG!!! I am speechless. Just saw the @justinbieber "beauty and a beat" video. This s**t will change the game. Blown away. Wait till u c it!" the American Idol judge tweeted.

After this performance, we can only imagine how good the next song will be!