miami hotel kardashian dress legs reality tv There's no such thing as not being camera-ready in Kardashian world!

Kim and Khloe Kardashian arrived back at their Miami hotel today, presumably after a long day of filming their spinoff show, and for the first time in forever the girls didn't appear to want their picture taken. Shocker!

Kimmy K's ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush just announced he's expecting his first child with girlfriend Lilit Avagyan, and although rumors swirled that the reality star was "devastated" by the news, it sounds like marriage and a baby aren't far off for her, either!

The brunette bombshell's boyfriend Kanye West had the new track "White Dress" leaked online, and it doesn't take a detective to figure out who he's referring to in the rap song.

"You the type of girl who deserve a new last name"/"Your high heels clicking, you lip gloss glisten, your hips start switching..."/"Even when we kissing baby girl feel different, friends still diss me like no he didn't"/" Yeezy raps.

The most shocking lyrics of all? The Grammy winner's admission he wants Kim to be his bride!

"I see you in the club in a tight dress, but I picture you in a white dress," he adds.

A proposal before the holiday season seems like a given at this point!