llohan101112_04_X17crop460.jpgLindsay Lohan mr pink dress event heels

Lindsay Lohan put her family drama behind her for a pink carpet appearance in LA ... helping to promote Mr. Pink, a new ginseng energy drink.

Rockin' a sexy metallic minidress, Lilo stutted her stuff with the energy drink in hand. We're lovin' those satin peep-toe pumps.

The Mr. Pink website says the drink is a "special formula is fortified with a potent 1,000 mg of ginseng and four powerful B-vitamins that work together to energize your mind and body."

With a reported unpaid bill of $46,000 from her time spent at Chateau Marmont, it's amazing that she has the money for such an expensive looking outfit. Then again, perhaps it was a gift from a wealthy friend. Lilo certainly has lots of those.

As for her drama with mama Dina (where she told her dad on the phone that Dina was on coke), Lindsay seems to now be blaming her dad, Michael, for the entire mess.

Oh, Lilo. Think pink ... or in this case, drink Mr. Pink. Perhaps the energy you're consuming will be positive.