Maria Shriver jacket cycling work out gym tights spandex arnold schwarzenegger coffee

Looks like a little cardio was all she needed to cheer up!

On Saturday Maria Shriver was spotted leaving her spin class in Brentwood, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex-wife was in a great mood after her workout. Ever since Arnie started making media appearances to promote his new book, details regarding his cheating scandal and the child he fathered with the family's housekeeper were thrown back into the spotlight, so we imagine poor Maria has been beyond embarrassed.

Of course, the former California governor still seems to think that things can be worked out between the two of them. In his new autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, he writes, "The public nature of our separation makes it doubly hard for us to work through it. The divorce is going forward, but I still have the hope that Maria and I can come back together as husband and wife and as a family with our children. You can call this denial, but it's the way my mind works. I'm still in love with Maria. And I am optimistic. All my life I have focussed on the positives. I am optimistic that we will come together again."

Hmm, but is she?