TCruise072812_01_230.jpgHis devotion to Scientology was to blame for his split with Katie Holmes earlier this year, but now it appears Tom Cruise might be headed in a different direction.

According to Mirror Online, sources close to the 50-year-old actor claims that he's considering cutting ties with the church in an effort to win back Katie and to see more of his daughter Suri Cruise.

“Now he’s lost the most precious thing in his life, he sees that his Scientology beliefs may not have hurt his box office but have ended not one but two marriages," the source said. “It was a terrifying and rude awakening for Tom when Katie served him with divorce papers. He’s used to feeling undefeatable and untouchable. When he lost Katie he felt a failure.”

Cruise first joined the church back in 1990 when he was married to his first wife Mimi Rogers. His connection with the religion came into question when he later split with his second wife Nicole Kidman.

Cruise has been busy shooting his latest film Oblivion in Europe but has reportedly expressed his desire to begin separating himself from the religious sect.

“Tom is no longer volunteering to be the public poster boy for Scientology," the source added. "You’ll see he is seriously calming that down, he will head up the annual fundraisers and awards show but that’s in-house."