Rihanna sunglasses camo pants red lipstick earrings

Rihanna departed from LAX late on Sunday night, and after just 2 days in Los Angeles, the 24-year-old R&B starlet is headed back to the Big Apple. RiRi wasn't nearly as glammed up as she was the last time we caught her at the airport, but she still looked quite fashionable in her camo pants and a heavy application of red lipstick. Apparently she arrived with just 15 minutes to spare before her flight to JFK ... talk about cutting it close!

Speaking of living on the edge, is RiRi tweeting cryptic messages to ex-boyfriend Chris Brown? Last night she wrote, "You have it ALL……. And you don’t even know what to do with it!" and shortly after that Chris tweeted, "Just make love…. Love me!" Coincidence? We think not! Rumor has it he loves her new song "Diamonds" and he even texted her about it ... take that, Nicole Scherzinger!