Robert Pattinson attended The Black Keys' show at the Sayers Club in Hollywood last night, and while no one snapped photos of the Twilight hunk arriving or leaving the popular venue, he did pose for a Twitpic with 98.7 DJ Kennedy!

Rob arrived with a group of pals, and he was "definitely enjoying the music, getting more into it as the set went on," an eyewitness tells Us Weekly. "He cheered and clapped at the end of each song." K. Stew's main squeeze puffed on an electronic cigarette, and sources at the club say he "sipped on beer and mixed drinks throughout the evening ... He was clearly enjoying the music and in a good mood. In between songs he would make comments or joke around with his friends."

We're glad to see him in a better mood, and we have a feeling this has everything to do with him reconciling with Kristen Stewart. Can't wait to see them side by side on the red carpet at the Breaking Dawn premiere on October 28!