Aww, if that's not a loving look, we don't know what is!

Last night Rumer Willis and her boyfriend Jayson Blair went out in Hollywood, and the lovebirds couldn't stop giggling when we snapped their picture.

Rumer and Demi Moore have reportedly started working on their relationship again, and apparently Jayson was the one who helped urge the actress to reach out to her mom. Rumer called Demi in late September, and a source tells Star Magazine, "Jayson has been telling Rumer for ages that she needed to forgive her mom and move on. She finally gave in and made the call. He knew that deep down Rumer really missed her mother and wasn't going to be happy until they made up."

A source added that the two met in person shortly after that, but things are still strained between them. So what caused the rift in the first place? Apparently the close relationship between Rumer and Ashton Kutcher ticked Demi off big time. Following Ashton's alleged affair with Sara Leal in 2011, Demi filed for divorce and had a now infamous meltdown, so we don't blame her for being angry at Rumer and Ashton for flaunting their friendship!