We all know who Bey and Jay are voting for!

Beyonce Knowles penned a letter of praise for President Obama just hours before submitting her ballot, and it seems she has no lack of adoration for the President of the United States. Along with the message, Blue Ivy's momma snapped a pic of herself putting her autograph on the official voting documents, and although she didn't show her fans which box she checked, we think it's pretty obvious who she chose.

"You are the leader to take us from where we are to where we need to be. You are the reason my daughter and nephew will grow up knowing that they can truly be ANYTHING they want to be," she writes in the handwritten note.

The Grammy winner and her husband Jay-Z have made their love for Barack and his wife Michelle evidently clear, and just last night the rapper and music legend Bruce Springstein put on a last minute concert on the eve of election night in support of the Commander-In-Chief. Altering the lyrics to his famous tune, Jay-Z sang, "I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one," and was met with cheers from the 15,000 person crowd.

President Obama is pretty lucky to have such star power in his corner!