smoking twilight

Kristen Stewart took a break from promoting Breaking Dawn - Part Two on Friday, and when we snapped her on her hotel balcony, she was holding her fingers up to her mouth as if to smoke, but she wasn't actually puffing away on anything. Earlier this year K. Stew revealed that she quit smoking, but after her cheating scandal and subsequent breakup from beau Rob Pattinson, she started smoking again. However, now that the Twilight stars are back together, it's being reported that the starlet has given up cancer sticks for Rob yet again!

A source close to the actress told HollywoodLife, “[Kristen] has given up smoking. She has been trying to be as supportive as she can of Rob’s decision to quit. Kristen and Rob used to smoke cigarettes together all the time but they know how crappy it made them feel. Kristen doesn’t like smoking that electronic cigarette, so she just all together quit. Kristen realized that her smoking was getting out of hand. On movie sets, it’s really tempting to smoke a lot while waiting and there is so much waiting and down time. Kristen feels really good about herself since quitting."

She may be craving nicotine, but at least she's in a good mood: