sunglasses Jillian Michaels horses helmet sunglasses Jillian Michaels horses helmet

Jillian Michaels and girlfriend Heidi Rhoades really do everything together!

On Sunday the ladies went for a nice leisurely ride on Jillian's horse Buzz, and while Heidi hung on tight to her lady love, Jillian seemed pretty confident about the two of them riding her gelding with nothing but a bareback pad.

Buzz was rescued from a Premarin ranch back in 2010, and last year Jillian told Cowboys and Indians Magazine, "I ride him with no gear — bareback, no helmet, no saddle, and everyone tells me I’m out of my mind. He never even once has thrown me or bucked. I know that he is very aware. He is so careful when I’m riding him. I think he knows he was saved. Rescues do know when they have been rescued."

Glad to see that she trusts her horse, but thankfully it looks like she's changed her mind about wearing a helmet!