custody divorce fight
custody divorce fight

Nahla's reunited with daddy!

After a contentious week of legal back-and-forth, after a few punches back-and-forth between Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving, father and daughter were together again today after Nahla finished school.

Aubry met up with a nanny who got Nahla from school and the four-year-old was handed off.

An X17 photographer tells us:

    "Nahla looked so happy to see her dad. She was skipping to the car and smiling. It was the first time in a week the little girl didn't seem stressed."

Aubry and his ex, Berry, reached an agreement Thursday, regarding the boys' brawl and custody/visitation with their daughter. Berry's attorney, Blair Berk, issued the following joint statement with Aubry's attorney Shawn Holley yesterday: "The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter."