Heidi Klum Brentwood New Balance

After spending the morning on the soccer field with her four children and boyfriend/bodyguard Martin Kristen, Heidi Klum treated Leni and Henry to some new kicks at New Balance in Brentwood!

While no one has really spoken out about Heidi's relationship with Martin, Wendy Williams blasted the Project Runway host on her talk show last week. "[Kirsten has] worked for Heidi in the family for four years," Wendy said. "Seal, you know what that means - and not just when you were out of town. I don't think this is a new relationship, do you? It pains me to report stories like this when the woman, in my mind, is clearly in the wrong."

With regard to a divorce settlement and spousal support, Wendy added, "You don't let the finances go with this divorce. I don't know how much you're worth, but she's worth more. You need half." Hmm, maybe she should mind her own business?