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Looks like they're back together!

After reports claiming Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got in a fight while out to dinner Friday, it turns out that the two ended up enjoying each other's company at home.

X17online can report EXCLUSIVELY, the reunited pair stayed such a short time at a San Fernando Valley sushi restaurant last night because they were getting take out for a romantic meal at home - NOT because they got in a fight, as other erroneous reports claim. Gomez's gate was experiencing a glitch due to her recent remodeling, which prompted the teen heartthrob to jump out of his car and punch in the code to get access when he arrived - he was NOT locked out, as the same report claimed.

The photo above shows Bieber's Ferrari parked securely in her driveway early this morning. He certainly wasn't locked out - looks like Selena opened him with welcome arms! Does their Friday night sleepover mean they're back on again?