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Lana Del Rey stopped by BBC Radio One Studios in London on Tuesday, and the singer opened up about her music video "Ride" and how she likes "experienced" men!

"[We filmed "Ride"] in Las Vegas and so I got to tell one side of my story that way," Lana said. "Does that involve snogging and caressing older men? Yes that's my style! No, not really, but I do love men who have experienced a lot of life and who have known and done it all. The men in the video were Las Vegas natives and it was fun to have them on board."

Lana continued, "Filming "Ride" was one of the best experiences of my life. We went to the desert in Vegas, I had my sister with me and we spent two days together riding on motorbikes through Nevada with this crew who do that all the time. It was exciting for them too, to show the world what their lives are really like. It was two long days but I loved everything we got from it."

Yesterday Lana tweeted a pic pf her new album cover and wrote, "Thank you MTV for awarding us best alternative band. F*cking honored. The new Record is out today ... THANK YOU DANIEL HEATH, JUSTIN PARKER, EMILE HAYNIE, RICK NOWELS, TIM LARCOMBE AND RICK RUBIN FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL RECORD."

Speaking of beautiful, she looks amazing!