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After some of the ridiculous things she wore on the first few season of the show, we're glad someone finally started putting Lea Michele in more flattering outfits!

Lea and co-star Chris Colfer shot scenes for Glee on Sunday in New York City, and all eyes were on the 26-year-old starlet when she crossed the street during a break from filming.

Last week Lea stopped by The Tonight Show, and told host Jay Jay Leno about the time a dog ruined her spray tan. Huh? After getting a tan at her house, Lea headed to the studio. “I put my feet up to take a nice lunch break and one of the managers had their dog,” she said. “The dog jumped on my lap and I was like, ‘Oh, so cute!’ and he went to pick up the dog and the dog peed all over me!”

Since the tanner was still drying, the pee left a funny pattern on Michele’s legs. “I wiped it off, but because I didn’t wipe off the spray tan yet it left pee streaks all over my legs for days — I had zebra-striped pee marks on my legs!” Yikes!