lindsay-lohan-blonde-wig-for-fallon-play-with-your-looks-04.jpglindsay-lohan-blonde-wig-for-fallon-play-with-your-looks-03.jpgLloyd Bishop/NBC

Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday in New York City, and the 26-year-old starlet may be busy promoting Liz & Dick, but that doesn't mean she can't goof off a bit!

Lindsay walked up to the stage in a short wig and a bizarre all-white outfit, and Jimmy wore a similar getup for the “Let Us Play With Your Look” sketch. The duo picked out one lucky audience member to join them, and despite the chaos around him, their makeover subject maintained his composure.

Glad to see Lilo's being such a good sport about it!