Talk about a major diva moment!

Miley Cyrus made her way through New York City's J.F.K. International airport last night, and when the former Hannah Montana star was approached by a hysterical young female fan, she totally blew her off! It seemed like all the girl wanted was an autograph and a photo, but Miley flashed a disgusted face and sped past her.

Oddly enough, Miley later tweeted about what a warm welcome she got the very next day! "What a dope morning. So many fans outside my hotel this a.m in NYC. If there's this much chaos NOW imagine when I drop this record," she wrote.

Maybe Miley's just a little bit weary of her fans after being granted a restraining order against her alleged stalker, Jason Luis Rivera? Rivera is currently serving 18 month in jail after breaking into Miley's home back in September, where he was found wandering around her yard with a pair of scissors. Scary!

In just three days, Miss Miley is turning the ripe old age of 20! We wonder what her beau has in store for the celebration? A romantic getaway perhaps?