Nicki Minaj made an appearance on Good Morning America yesterday, and the 29-year-old singer opened up about her alleged feud with American Idol co-star Mariah Carey.

“[Mariah's] been one of my favorite artists of all time since I can remember, so it’s weird that everything kind of, was blown up like that," she said. "It didn’t make me happy at all. I can’t take away what she’s done in my life and just in pop culture in general and just having one of the most amazing voices in the world. Having said that, I’m an adult and we are passionate on the set and sometimes when you’re a passionate woman, you know, sometimes it kind of ruffles other women’s feathers, but I’m going to continue to be Nicki Minaj.”

Last month Minaj and Carey got in a very heated argument during a taping in North Carolina, and though Keith Urban and Randy Jackson tries to calm the ladies, Nicki lost her composure and screamed at the veteran pop star. A video of the squabble hit the web where Nicki can be heard saying, "I'm not going to take it back, and if you've got a f*cking problem, handle it. I told them, I'm not f*cking putting up with her f*cking highness over there." Yikes!