Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez jeans leather jacket halle berry fight hand  hit hand hurt hand

Gabriel Aubry is sporting a serious shiner, so while Olivier Martinez was the clear winner of their fist fight last Thursday, it looks like it may have done a number on the actor's hand!

On Monday afternoon the 46-year-old Dark Tide star was snapped entering a medical building in West Hollywood, and he was reportedly visiting an orthopedic surgeon. Olivier left for his doctor's appointment after detectives spent over an hour at the home he lives in with fiance Halle Berry.

According to law enforcement officers, Gabriel arrived at Halle's house on Thanksgiving to return their daughter Nahla after visitation, and following a brief verbal exchange with Olivier, Gabriel reportedly took a swing, but missed. Halle's fiance then punched the male model, and both men went to the hospital after the altercation, with Gabriel suffering broken ribs and a black eye.

Gabriel was taken into custody following his discharge from the hospital and charged with battery, and Halle and Olivier were granted a temporary restraining order requiring Gabriel to stay at least 100 yards away. However, today Gabriel obtained a restraining order against Martinez, who he claims threatened to kill him.

When we polled X17 readers last week and asked whose side you're on, 31% of you said Olivier, while 68% of you sided with Gabriel. But what will a judge say?