jeans Pete Wentz  Meagan Camper  boots bronx ashlee simpson Pete and Ashlee's little boy is getting so big!

Pete Wentz took son Bronx on an errand run with girlfriend Meagan Camper yesterday, and the couple couldn't help but dote on the rocker's son. Could the leggy model be a stepmom-in-training? She looks like a natural at parenting!

We wonder how much this Fall Out Boy knows about his former father-in-law's gay scandal? According to reports, Joe Simpson came out to his family shortly before wife Tina filed for divorce, and rumor has it his daughter's are not taking the shocking news too well!

Ashlee has been throwing herself into work in the wake of all the upset, and is set to release her brand new song "Bat For A Heart" on Nov. 21.

We bet Pete is glad to be out of the Simpson family drama!