rihanna-gq-1.jpgrihanna-gq-2.jpgrihanna-cover-230.jpg Rihanna covers the latest issue of GQ, and we already got a sneak peek at her cover, but here are the rest of the pics, and they do not disappoint!

Rihanna goes topless for most of her photo shoot, and in addition to revealing her boobies, she dishes some deets on her love life. "I like to feel like a woman," the 24-year-old R&B superstar explained. "I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead. I could absolutely be dominant, but in general, I'd rather ... How do I say this in, like, a non-X rated version?"

Rihanna continued, "Love makes you go places you probably wouldn't ever go, had it not been for love. But I think everybody still has their limits."

Rihanna and on again/off again boyfriend Chris Brown spent Thanksgiving together in Berlin, and on Saturday RiRi tweeted a shirtless photo of the tattooed singer sleeping on her hotel bed. But does Chris wear the pants in the relationship? We don't really buy that...